The Spa At Home  Mobile Spa

Bringing The Spa To YOU!

Sarah Soucie

 The Spa At Home – Mobile Spa was founded in 2013. As a graduate, with honors in the field of Esthetics, combined with an extensive background and a true passion for the industry, I felt this was a perfect fit!

With The Spa At Home, I was more than thrilled to offer something a bit different, then a traditional Spa. We take the Spa industry to a whole different level. We offer a wide variety of Spa Treatments with the convenience of bringing it all to YOU! I am personally dedicated to making a unique and unforgettable Spa experience for each and every client who chooses The Spa At Home, it is my mission to make sure you are completely satisfied!

We strive to provide the highest quality of service and prided on the quality of each and every treatment The Spa At Home has to offer. Our staff is hand-picked for their skill and professionalism, each held to the highest industry standards.

Add a twist on to ANY event or have a “ME” day. We customize your needs, wherever you are, with The Spa At Home, Bringing the Spa to YOU!

Sarah Soucie
Founder/Spa Coordinator/Aesthetician

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